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Regency Fire Accessories Antique Fire Dogs Andirons Haden Trowbridge Fire Back

Regency Fire Accessories Antique Fire Dogs Andirons Haden Trowbridge Fire Back

A pair of historically important, Industrial Revolution-related and extremely rare early 19th Century Regency Period cast iron open fire accessories. Hailing from an Oxfordshire mill house where they have been in use for two-hundred years, these hugely impressive and still highly usable bar gate andirons/firedogs and fireback will look fabulous in a large fireplace setting.


Made for a large open fire, the bar gate andirons with brass finials sit in the fireplace with the fireback secured to the back of the fireplace. A metal fire basket for burning wood or coal then hangs from the fireback hooks to rest over the andiron’s legs.


A wonderful historical find, these were made by the Haden brothers’ company in Trowbridge, Somerset, between 1816-1820, and have a very interesting and significant history.



The older of the Haden brothers, George, worked for world-renowned and leading pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, James Watt, installing the world-changing Watt steam engine in a mill in Trowbridge for Boulton & Watt Company in 1814. George was so taken by the town that he decided to stay and set up his own ‘Haden Trowbridge’ engineering company, which his younger brother James later joined.


James also worked for the Boulton & Watt Company in the 1810s and in 1816 was installing a hot air system in Boulton’s home in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, only three miles from the Mill House in Middle Barton where the “Haden Trowbridge” stamped fireback has been in use ever since it was made.


It is almost certain that these wonderful fire accessories were made by Haden Trowbridge between 1816-1820, in the latter half of the nine-year Regency Period, when the Prince Regent (later George IV) was on the throne but still using his father, George III’s, Lion & Unicorn coat of arms, which can be seen embossed above the ‘Haden Trowbridge’ stamp on the fireback. The commissioner of these fire accessories would have been the Middle Barton mill owner, while James was working at nearby Great Tew for Boulton, and James would have written up the order and sent it to his brother George in Trowbridge. It is unknown when James joined his brother full-time, but this is very likely one of the first Haden Brothers of Trowbridge commissions.


All in all these are a fantastic pair of Regency Period open fire accessories with a rich provenance and historical significance.



These are in fair-to-good condition. Extremely heavy, they have the to-be-expected signs of 200 years being in use in a fireplace but should scrub up well if given the right tlc – please see the photos.  



Bar Gate Andirons/Firedogs:

Height - 68cm, Width - 81.5cm, Width Between Rear Legs - 73cm, Depth - 40cm, Weight - 20kg.

Fire Back:

Height - 34cm, Width - 64cm, Depth - 2.5cm, Weight - 13kg.



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