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Lifesize African Female Mandinka Warrior Sculpted Solid Mahogany Tribal Statue

Lifesize African Female Mandinka Warrior Sculpted Solid Mahogany Tribal Statue

An exceptional, beautiful, rare and wonderfully West African life-size or just smaller mahogany sculpted female Mandinka Warrior statue. An incredible single-piece sculpture that won't fail to impress, this beautiful homage to the female warrior is a fantastic talking point and will look sensational in any setting.


A particularly beautiful example of these extremely rare statues, this was astonishingly carved from a single piece of African mahogany, most likely in West Africa by a Mandinka Mendé artisan in the 1960s, and depicts a female warrior/huntress wearing traditional Mandinka female warrior hairstyle and loincloth and adorned with bangles and necklace.


The sculptor manages to superbly capture feminine beauty, poise and form, while at the same time conveying the strength and potential danger of the warrior huntress. She could be a model on a shoot in a relaxed pose, except that she's carrying two deadly weapons. With her raised heel and bent leg, her tilted head and hip, the sculptor draws us in to admire the exquisite poise and form of her female lines, just as she's reaching for a weapon behind her whilst holding another in front. Does this convey that feminine beauty can be strong and powerful, that it comes with danger, or something else?... You be the judge.


To own great art, one should find it beautiful or interesting enough to view it every day and this remarkable statue does just that. The intricate carving is fantastic and you notice something different from every slight angle change, from the enchanting lifelike facial detail to how she's standing, the sculpting of her body, her fantastic hair and what she's wearing.


At just over 5ft in height and weighing 23kg, this is a substantial, beautiful and finely sculpted piece of art that won't fail to make an impression and deserves to be pride of place and appreciated and admired daily. A very rare piece, this is a collector's dream and we won't find many like it.



This is in very lovely and very good condition. Structurally sound, there are only a few minor marks and nicks to tell of its history, but none that detract from this stunning piece and if well looked after it should last for many more decades to come - please see the photos.



Height - 155cm, Width - 35cm, Depth - 30cm, Weight - 23kg.



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