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Korean Bandaji Chest, Antique Korean Chest, Antique Oriental Brass Elm Chest

Korean Bandaji Chest, Antique Korean Chest, Antique Oriental Brass Elm Chest

An especially beautiful and rare antique Korean Bandaji chest in really lovely condition. An extremely impressive and exemplary statement piece, its wonderful rare golden grain patterning and gorgeous brass metalwork will add outstanding colour and bygone Oriental design and grandeur to any interior.


Bandaji chests hail from Korea’s Chosun dynasty (1392-1910) and were made for aristocracy. More decorative and beautifully coloured woods such as the golden Zelkova (called Mountain Ash or Elm) like this one, were used in the chests kept in the women's domain, with more sober colours and woods used for men’s chests. Bandaji chests were used for storing clothing, documents and valuables inside, and bedding on top during the day, hence why it is called a "blanket chest" in English. Although notoriously difficult to date, due to the extraordinary condition and colouring of this one, it would suggest that it was most likely made towards the end of the Chosun dynasty in the early 1900s.


As with all Bandaji chests, this one features one door, which runs the entire width of the chest and opens from the top down. The interior is adorned in striking red paper with black Korean writing, to match the back. It has wonderful, particularly attractive and refined golden-coloured brass metalwork and hinges, including five impressively ornate and robust handles, studding and a heavy locking clasp. The metalwork is more sparingly used on this chest than many others, presumably to allow for the especially rare and gorgeous golden colouring and grain of the wood to speak for itself and be fully appreciated, which is echoed by the care and outstanding refined craftsmanship of the internal hidden joinery. 


Impressively sized and reassuringly heavy, this is a very practical and outstandingly beautiful and decorative statement piece of the highest order. Not overly adorned by metalwork to allow the gorgeous golden wood to excel, and with its outstanding refined craftsmanship of the internal hidden joinery, this is one of the best and most attractive Bandaji chests we’ve seen.



This is in very good condition. Structurally sound, there are no issues with its robustness or longevity at all and the only slight flaws are very minor cosmetic imperfections: the top has some sun discolouration, which really only adds to its antique charm; there are some light scratches to the lacquer finish on the top, which and only really noticeable in certain lighting at certain angles; there are three small areas of veneer damage to the front, which you really have to look for to notice, and one possible burn mark/graze to the right side. All in all it’s a simply stunning piece, which if well looked after should last another century and hopefully a lot longer – please see the photos.



Height – 71.5cm, Width – 101cm, Depth – 41.5cm, Weight – 30kg.



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