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Exceptional XL African Carved Mpingo Wood Tribal Chiefs Birthing Chair

Exceptional XL African Carved Mpingo Wood Tribal Chiefs Birthing Chair

An exceptional, extremely large and impressive carved African Chief's chair in very good condition. Larger than any other African chair we've seen, this is extremely impressive, made of beautiful solid Mpingo wood and features wonderful traditional carving. A comfortable, portable, easily storable knockout statement chair, this will add a traditional African tribal aesthetic and a beautiful Bohemian charm and wow-factor to any setting.


Made as a ceremonial chair that tells a story through its carvings, this is a highly prestigious piece that stands 135cm tall in its sitting position - a huge and truly magnificent statement chair thatwill fascinate and enthrall whoever sees it. Madein Malawi, most likely around the 1970s, it was imported to the UK by a missionary church and is made in the traditional tribal style of Chiefs chairs, the large broad back protecting against animals or threats from behind. The back is made from gorgeously ruddy-black toned, extremely heavy and dense, very highly-valued and much sought-after solid Mpingo wood (considered one of the world's finest woods) which polishes up to a wonderful deep ruddy hue.


It features delightful family and farming carvings in bas-relief and a carved handle for easy transportation, (so the chief can carry their protective statement chair with them). Made from two inter-fitting parts, the seat slots into the back and is made from a gorgeous nutty-honey-brown and richly textured hardwood.


Overall, this is a fantastic and breathtaking work of art and decorative object as well as a solid and sturdy statement chair; a fantastic collectors' and conversation piece and a very usable and comfortable chair to sit on.



This is in very good condition. Solid, sturdy and structurally sound, this was built to last and apart from a few minor knocks and bumps, which only add to its authentic vintage charm, it's in wonderful condition and if well looked after it should last for many decades to come - please see the photos.



Height in sitting position - 135.5cm/53.3inches, Width - 58cm/22.8inches, Depth in sitting position - 85cm/33.5inches, Seat Height - 41-33cm/16.1-13inches, Seat Width - 36.5cm/14.4inches, Seat Depth - 34cm/13.4inches, Weight - 16kg, Back Height/Length - 146cm/57.5inches, Seat/Base Length - 92cm/36.2inche, Estimated Weight - 15-20kg.

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